The real world translated into a digital world. Adobe Photoshop. How to capture reality: digital cameras, scanners. How to alter that reality with a digital tool. RGB vs CMYK, resolution, DPI, print size vs. pixel size. Layers, tools, cropping, copying, pasting. Filters. Optimization of files, understanding compression via Saving for Web. PSD Vs TIFF Vs PNG Vs JPG Vs GIF Vs PDF. Particularities of file size, differences and unique features of each format

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Photoshop CC 2018 Basics
Photoshop CC 2018 Advanced

GIMP Open Source alternative (a bit more complicated but accomplishes pretty much the same basic tasks. Use it only IF you cannot use Photoshop at all.

Fotoshop by Adobé
Dove Evolution

Photoshop disasters
Fashion Faux Pas

GRID art: Jo Hamilton / Evelyn Kasikov /

History of Photoshop /
Color sampler / Retouching / Patch tool / History brush tool / Art History Brush tool / Background Eraser / Magic Eraser / Cutout and refine edges / Panoramics #1 #2 / Puppet Warp Tool / Content Aware Fill / Bristle Tip Brushes / 8 Bit Vs 16 Bit / PS 32 Bits Vs 64 Bits / What is RAM? / Smart Objects / Creating an image stack / Stack Mode / Optimizing your images / Curves / Pen tool + Filling or Stroke / Timeline animation (3D) / New Mesh from Grayscale / Content aware / Clipping Mask or Path /


#7 BW to COLOR

Choose an image of yourselves and turn it into Black and White using Photoshop. Then, using the color rules in create 3 different colorized versions of your image choosing three different color palettes out of the following choices: Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Square & Compound

Color Hex:

Chromadepth | google images

Pierre et Gilles, Le Papillon Noir / The Black Butterfly, Polly Fey, 1995
Pierre et Gilles, Le Papillon Noir / The Black Butterfly, Polly Fey, 1995

Wallace Nutting
Pierre et Gilles Vimeo interview
Andy Warhol 
Civil war photos retouched in color
BW historic photos recolored (Auschwitz girl)
Colored Photography:
Mario Unger side by side
Irina Werning – Back to the future
Marina Amaral


Choose a still frame from your favorite movie (at least 1920x1080px) Take a photo of yourselves where you will wear an outfit that matches the movie scene you chose; extract and place yourselves in that scene, blending yourselves with as much accuracy as possible, using Photoshop. Pay close attention to the cutting process and cleaning details, as well as the lighting conditions and environmental lighting.

HOONUIT: Layer Masks

History of film compositing – from mattes to green screen
Kirby Jenner Instagram / averagerob / James Fridman PS Troll / Holocaust Memorial Selfies in Berlin / photo tricks /

Dylan Avery, FMA
Alyssa Anicito, ADPR, SP 2020
Kana Chantabandith, ADPR SP2020


Using a tripod for your cell-phone, take at least 6 pictures of yourselves in THE SAME location, with the same lighting and without moving the camera and framing. Combine them all into one single high resolution image
Cydney | Cassandra | Jacobus | Larissa Simon

au·​tos·​co·​py | \ ȯ-ˈtäs-kə-pē  \plural autoscopies

Medical Definition of autoscopy

visual hallucination of an image of one’s body (Merriam-Webster)

Self portrait alteration. Scan or take a photo your face at 72dpi and transform it into something you never knew of yourselves. Explore layer effects and PhotoShop filters

• Optimize all the assignments produced so far for this class, resize to maximum width or height of 2000px. Recompress them as JPG (100%, 75%, 50% 25% and 0%), and GIF width or height of 1000px (4 radically different versions of the image with color reduction, palette changes, dithering, etc.) Compare the original file and pixel sizes with the new sizes. Post them all in your Blogs