Syllabus, goals of the class, required readings, general presentation and statistics of the students.

The Matrix 1999, Wachowski Siblings
Extra information: Binary code

ENIAC (Debugging)
Vacuum tube to Transistor:
Personal computer milestones 

ASCII table (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
Ascii and HTML  | ASCII art (

Chuck Csuri,  Hummingbird 1968
Chuck Csuri, Hummingbird 1968 / 1 of 30000 frames
Chuck Csuri, Hummingbird Animation

Realistic imaging Vs. vectorial creation.
Chuck Csuri #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 MOMA  | Presentation 

Software and Hardware evolution.
GUI -> APPLE 1984 George Orwell inspired Commercial

Apple Macintosh: 1st Graphical User Interface, 1984  
Apple Macintosh 1984 commercial, directed by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien)



#0 BLOG Go to and create your own BLOG for this class. Post your first feelings of the class, who you are, describe yourself and what you expect from this class. Throughout the semester, post EVERY SINGLE assignment, as well as any relevant content related to the content of the class.

• Send me an email BEFORE THE FOLLOWING CLASS from your personal UT email account, letting me know the URL of your blog.

• Post a screenshot or a picture of your own selfie converted into ASCII Art using

As members of this class you will get full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud:

Adobe has provided temporary access for students and faculty to keep learning online through the end of the semester. Please follow the instructions below to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps. 

  1. Visit and use your school credentials to sign in.
A screenshot of a cell phone

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  1. If prompted, select Company or School Account and then enter your password. Or provide your credentials in your school’s login screen.
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  1. From the Creative Cloud website, browse for and download your desired app. Click Apps on the top of the page to view all apps.

For more information on how to download or install apps, see Download and Install Creative Cloud apps.

In FMX 210 you will use
Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and InDesign -> install them on your computers.

To continue developing skills, Adobe offers free “Daily Creative Challenges”. These are guided projects where participants receive creative prompts and connect with pros, mentors, and other students for feedback and support. Click on the app name to learn more: PhotoshopXD and Illustrator. Also, for inspiration and over-the-shoulder learning, watch pros share their creative process on Adobe Live daily at

Questions? Contact the ITS Service Desk via email  or by phone (813) 253-6293 for assistance.